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Vegan, Gluten Free, Black Bean Brownies with Peppermint Essential Oil

Written by Jo Cooke-Best

Right, who loves a brownie!? Well, most people that are normal wheat eaters appreciate a brownie. Those of us coeliacs or gluten intollerant are mostly sick of brownies, they are a normal, easy go to dessert for many cafes and restaurants to offer and, as you know, they can differ greatly from venue to venue! 

In my quest to change up the norm, I have made this vegan, gluten free, black bean brownie, it is flourless, mild in flavour and full of protein - which as a gluten free vegan, is very important. Sugar is something that our bodies don't need, as you know, many of my recipes are free from refined sugars. So a win, win all round.

What I will say is don't dig in expecting a generic brownie, go in with new expectations and an open mind and you will find you are pleasently surprised! 

Love and squishy brownies.
Jo xXx



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